To me, being Aussie means being authentic, approachable and real...so here is my story...

I was born in Pennsylvania while my parents were travelling throughout the US selling accounting software in the entertainment industry. Three months later, my family moved back to Australia where I lived until 2019.


My real estate career began at age 16 in my mothers agency where I assisted her in administration, marketing and customer service. During this time, she showed me how possible it is to be successful when you really care about the people you are working with. In a competitive environment, she provided great service to her clients and always went the extra mile to ensure they were taken care of in an exceptional way. She has been a huge inspiration in my life, not only as a real estate agent, but as a human being.

At 19, I managed my father's database administration company while my parents left to sail around the country for 1 year. This is where I learnt that true responsibility must be approached with dilligence, processes and good communication. My father is a leader and he taught me how to be strong, to be fearless and to believe in myself.

At 23, I completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a major in marketing. I then founded my own dance company, Dance Zone Productions. As a professional salsa dancer and instructor, I have committed a large portion of my life to empowering kids and teenagers through dance. As part of my teaching journey I was lucky enough to work with adults and children with disabilities, a true blessing in my life that helped shape who I am.

In 2017, I continued to run my company whilst simultaneously returning to real estate, this time in sales. I was given the opportunity to work alongside the company director at Raine & Horne, Sydney. My experience at this time gave me the framework to provide quality deliverables to our clients in a competitive and fast paced, sales environment.

Since a child, I always felt that one day, I would move to California. In 2019, I achieved my California Real Estate Licence and confidently made the decision to move to the beautiful Bay Area. From the diverse and exciting neighbourhoods of the East Bay to the buzzing tech world of Sillicon Valley and the arts and culture of San Francisco, I can honestly say, I love living here!

I am excited to be part of the real estate movement in California, that is focused on guiding Americans to own their dream home and assisting my clients in making successful real estate decisions.

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