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Do I Need A Buyers Agent?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

What is a buyers agent? How much will it cost me and do I really need one?

When it comes to buying property, Californian's are blessed with the services of being able to choose a personal buyers agent.

A good buyers agent will help you through the entire process. They will connect you with appropriate finance contacts, find properties that fit within your criteria, help you to evaluate shortlisted properties and help you make that winning offer for the property you really want. They will also work with you to remove any contingencies, right up until the purchase closes and you are handed the keys to your new house!

Californians are blessed with the gift of COMPLIMENTARY buyers agents! Yes, it's true, you do not need to pay for your buyers agent! The best part is, there are no catches here...except that your buying process will be much much easier and calmer if you choose an agent that you can communicate with easily and that you can trust knows what they are doing.

Real estate is a people person industry, but there are alot of finer points that need to be addressed throughout the purchase of a home. If these points are missed, there can be huge repercussions, so you really need to have an agent who demonstrates knowledge, thoroughness, proactivity and co-operation.

While your initial thought may be to choose a friend or family member who is also a realtor, it is important to make this decision with the facts in mind. This will after all be possibly the biggest purchase of your life so far.

If you can, speak to a few different buyers agents to make sure you have chosen the one that best fits your expectations and values. Which brokerage are they working with and how does that brokerage offer support that will help make your property journey run as smoothly as possible? Which areas do they focus in? Can they tell you a story of a challenging transaction that they managed to a successful closing? How will the process occur if you work with them? What will they do for you and what is expected from you throughout this process? Asking these simple questions will help you to identify the personality, experience, work ethic and communication skills of the agent.

For private showings and consultations, please connect to arrange an appointment.

I also run quarterly home buyers workshops in Silicon Valley which will help get you started.

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