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How To Access The Top Elementary Public School In Palo Alto

Herbert Hoover Elementary School is one of the top elementary schools within the Palo Alto Unified Schools District. The school serves families with children in K - 5 and has consistently ranked in the top percentile for many years.

With around 390 students, 94% of children ranked as proficient or above for Math and 87% for English. The school is ranked 10/10 with for test scores. For academic progress, the school ranks at 8/10.

This means that children at Herbert Hoover Elementary School are making greater progress academically as they progress throughout the school grades and have stronger skills academically than peers at other schools in California.

For equity, the school also ranks at 8/10. 92% of students are minority enrolments and 6% are economically disadvantaged.

The state average child to teacher ratio is 1:22. The ratio at Herbert Hoover Elementary is 1:18 and 96% of teachers have more than 3 years of teaching experience.

There is no doubt that Herbert Hoover Elementary School is highly desirable for families living within the Palo Alto school district, but how hard is it to get access to this great education?

How to enrol

Residency within the Palo Alto School District is required to enrol your child at Herbert Hoover Elementary School.

The school is open to new enrolments for children in K - Year 5, however as expected for this wonderful school, places are limited and admission is granted through a waitlist. An application must be submitted, even for families who have older siblings already enrolled at the school.

The best chance you will have to enrol is when your child is starting kindergarten. This is the largest intake throughout the school year.

To enrol your child in kindergarten, you need to participate in the Kindergarten Lottery, typically before mid February.

- Students must live within the school district boundaries.

- Students must be registered in the district during the Round 1 registration.

- Parents need to demonstrate commitment by attending a Hoover Parent Information meeting, before submitting an application. The meetings typically occur in January and February.

The lottery is then drawn at the beginning of March at the school district office. For children's names drawn, parents have 48 hours to respond and accept the placement.

For parents whose children's names are not drawn at the lottery, they are placed on a waitlist should a seat become available.

The process to access this great education starts with residency.

If you would like to discuss moving to Palo Alto or just moving closer to the Herbert Hoover Elementary School to increase your chances of enrolment, please reach out to me.

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