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4 family life stages to consider when buying a home

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

When buying a home for your family, there maybe a few little surprises you would not ordinarily think of! Let's go through the three biggest changes throughout your family's growth and what you need to consider when buying your next home.


We've all felt that excitement of living the single life, when the important elements of your home have more to do with proximity to the coolest cafes, bars and restaurants rather than the nearest playground and school. When those little bundles of joy come into our lives there is no mistaking that life changes in a way we may never have expected! Let start at the beginning...


Firstly, its important to remember that our little bundles of joy will grow up one day, and sometimes it seems all a little too quickly! However in the intial stages of parenthood, we want to keep a close eye and ear on our baby.

When the time comes for your little one to sleep in their own room, it's important to feel comforted that you will hear your little one throughout the night when needed. Therefore, the property layout is the first thing to consider. Choose a home that allows you to have your little ones bedroom next to yours. It's also great to not have the hassle of walking up and down the stairs throughout the day and night. Single storey, family homes or condo's with a lift in the building are perfect for young families.

It's also great to be super close to a local playground or park! This will make life so much easier when you are feeling exhausted and don't have the energy to drive anywhere just to get out of the house for a while. Speaking of driving, it also helps to have a garage with internal access to the house, especially when managing the groceries, stroller, basinet, baby bag and bub!

Even if you do opt with a two storey home, having a bathroom and playroom on the lower level will make life that much easier. You can always reduce the stairs issue with a baby gate.

Traffic noise is also a factor to consider. If you or your baby are light sleepers, this is going to be something you grow to be frustrated by. Before buying a home, I always suggest to my clients who have concerns, to go and sit out the front of the property for a while to see if the environmental and traffic noise is something you can live with.

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As your children grow, their needs will of course change too, and so will yours. The number of storeys doesn't seem to matter as much anymore with larger concerns being how far is your home from your child's school and activities? This change in life stages tends to happen so quickly that it is an important consideration when buying a home as a medium to longer term residence. Do your research on where the best school districts are and see how close these schools are to the property you are considering. You won't regret it in 5 years time when you've been up all night with your newborn and need to get your eldest to school on time!

Also keep in mind, your kids will make the vast majority of their friends at school (or nearby activities to school), so living close to the school will mean shorter trips to friends houses and other group events like dance, basketball and swimming.

A backyard is another massive PLUS to consider when buying your home. This will comes in handy whether you have a toddler, kid or teen! Just be sure to keep the pool barricaded off properly at all times.

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“To an adolescent, there is nothing more embarrassing than a parent”

I hope you liked that little joke! :)

We want to be close to our kids, but we need to give them a little freedom too. This is why a parents retreat or second living area or loft is priceless when it comes to teen parenting! Still close enough to be there when needed but still able to get a little rest and relaxation too.

It's also really helpful at this stage to have that extra bathrooms, not only for your teens but also for their friends.

Proximity to public transport will also make a massive impact on your life with teens. If you can't be close to a BART station, opt at least to be on a good bus route.

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So choosing a home for your family is not as simple as finding a nice big house with multiple levels and a big backyard. Location is one of the most important factors you will need to consider. Think ahead to the next 2-3 stages of your family life and consider how it will be living in your home with your growing family.

For private showings and consultations, please connect to arrange an appointment. I also run quarterly home buyers workshops in Silicon Valley which will help get you started.

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