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What Are Today's Home Buyers Looking For?

Here are five things I see on most home buyers' wish lists in the Bay Area.

Wish #1 | Great Neighborhood

Everyone wants to live in a good area and location is key. This can come down to the area vibe, the lifestyle, how close you are to the city or how far away you are from it, as well as things like the local schools, how they are ranked and whether the house is close to public transport.

You can get a good sense of a neighborhood just by taking a drive throughout the area and getting a sense of the energy, the way the homes are maintained and whether you could see yourself living in that neighborhood.

Wish #2 | Light

Home buyers want to purchase a home that is light and positive, where there is a lot of natural light flowing into the home. In fact, this really does change the desirability of a property.

Structural elements do impact the light in a home by the way it's facing, whether there are skylights or not, the number of windows, the size of those windows and whether the home has an open plan layout.

Wish #3 | Space

Nobody wants to feel cramped, it's the same in a home. An open plan home tends to be more preferred. It doesn't need to be fully open, but needs to have that sense of spaciousness. A larger living area that is big, light and bright is more desirable.

It's also great when homes are staged because this shows the buyer how they can make the home look. Staging is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer to understand how best the space can be utilised.

Without having to change anything structurally, even just changing the paint color can make a home feel more vibrant and spacious.

Wish #4 | Backyard

Many home buyers today want to have a great backyard. It doesn't have to be massive, but it needs to be practical, private and usable. Again, light and space is just as important in your outdoor entertaining space as it is inside the home.

Sometimes the interior of a home may be nicely updated but the backyard is left in concrete or in need of landscaping. This can really put a damper on the buyer's passion for the home when they tour.

Wish #5 | View

For those that are lucky enough to afford it, a great view is a massive bonus for buyers. When we are at home and able to see open space, mentally we feel free! Whether we are looking onto the sea, the hills or even just a beautifully landscaped garden, having a view will really adds a lot of excitement to the showing for buyers.

If you are planning to sell or buy a home in the Bay Area and would like assistance, I would love to hear from you.

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