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How much is my Palo Alto home worth? How long will it take to sell my Palo Alto home?

Sell your home for the highest price possible in today's market with a comprehensive marketing plan you will have not seen before...guaranteed! 

Kate treats each client as a VIP and makes sure you feel that way throughout the entire process. Each home has it's own unique selling strengths which need to be highlighted in a creative and elite manner, to represent the value of your home and to demand the highest price.


Kate will personally create a specialised marketing plan for your home, going far beyond the generic photography and videography you will usually see. Her winning 50 point marketing strategy connects your home with the right audience at the right time, in an elite, high quality manner to leave no doubt that your home is truly special. 

This moment is yours, Kate is simply here to maximise it.

Start your journey now by filling in the below form, to receive your home's complimentary analysis in under 48 hours.

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